08 December 2008

Programming Problems

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Toffee Coffee, Caramel, Peach, and New York Cheesecake.

Shake Day! All shakes are on sale today for $3.69 when you ask for the special (regularly priced at $4.62).

If you need to send something to a loved one for the holidays, start thinking about it this week. We're calling our safe send-by-date December the 15th. This is the last date that you can send a package to any of the lower 48 and have it there on time with UPS Ground shipping. If you're sending to Texas or one of the neighboring states, then you can always ship later, but it is better to do it early.

I should begin this rant by saying that, ultimately, this one is my fault. But, it won't stop me from voicing my opinion on the matter. At issue is the governments program to hand out $40 coupons to purchase converter boxes for analog TV sets. First, I think that it is ridiculous that the government is paying a portion of this; however, I'm not going to turn down free money.

The main problem is the way that the program has been implemented. Once you have signed up for the coupon, they send it off to you and it arrives at you're home in 4 to 6 weeks. The coupons are only good for 90 days. The 90 days, however, start from your order date. This means that when the coupon arrives at your house, you have about 6 weeks or so to go and get a converter box.

Again, it's my fault for not checking the date on the coupon when it arrived. Nevertheless, it was disheartening to pick up the coupon yesterday to see that it was dated 12/3/2008. It seems to me, given the lag between the shipping time, it would make more since to date the coupons to expire at the end of the month rather than a specific date. Of course, no one has ever accused our government of being efficient.

The Cowboys laid an egg in the last 7 minutes of the game last night. After putting on a great performance, they forgot to close out the game. If Romo is going to be the quarterback of the future, I sure hope that he learns how to win in December and beyond. Four picks does not make for a winning game.

The BCS came out and Texas got the short end of the stick. The stick was only 0.0181 BCS points short. The Longhorns do have another outside shot at winning a split national title with a dominating performance at the expense of Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. This would also have to be followed by a marginal victory by the Florida Gators at the expense of OU. Of the BCS bowl games, these two look like the best of the bunch. The next in line would have to be the Penn State and USC match at the Rose Bowl.

Bonus: The "new" TV is working out well. Christmas shopping is done!

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