31 December 2008

The End

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter, Candy Cane, and Egg Nog.

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The year 2008 has come and gone. I still remember when the 2000's were approaching and everyone was afraid of Y2K. Now, we're getting ready for our last year in the aughts. Before we get there, a look at my 2008:

January: First hospital visit. I begin playing Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy which was a Christmas present from my in-laws. (The game rocks!) I put up my TBR list at the end of the month. This was a list to be thwarted at every turn by other books, video games, conversations, the Internet, and general laziness. To date: 4 of 12 books have been completed.

February: NY Giants win in a last minute drive over the 18 and 0 Patriots team that everyone had anointed as the best team ever. The Patriots quickly become the best team ever not to win a Super Bowl. Eli calls his brother Payton to tell him that their tied and his father Archie to gloat. Become a KERA member. I begin my work with the Obama Texas primary campaign.

March: Erica and I celebrate our first year of marriage. Texas primary and caucus are held. I'm voted as a delegate to represent Precinct 1602 at the Senatorial level. Erica gets a career type job. She turns 23. I am voted to represent 1602 for Senator Obama at the state convention. We begin to discuss my job and possible career options. Bear Stearns collapses.

April: Stupidest investment idea ever. I hope this is the only time I have to say this. Thankfully, we don't have a lot of money with which to be stupid. Second hospital visit. My version of an April Fools financial month. Begin floating the idea of shorter hours at the store.

May: I turn 30. Once again, I attempt to play the cowbells at Bavarian Grill. Once again, I fail. I find that 30 is not much different that 29, but it does seem more adult. Time to start making adult decisions. Fun. Start looking at houses again. Finish Dragon Quest VIII. Start Final Fantasy XII. Thankfully, my adult decisions will still include video games.

June: Go to Austin with my friend Sharron to the State Democratic Party Convention. We both feel a little odd since neither of us are democrats, but we manage to have a great time anyways once the convention is over. Erica and I vacation in Pensacola. Thanks to the government stimulus package, the trip costs us hardly anything. Decide to develop a exit strategy from Sugarless deLite. Begin tracking the 6PM to 8 PM sales.

July: Sprouts opens. Brave employees stand out in the heat and pass out coupons in the heat. I announce to Rick that I will be leaving the store with an eye towards the end of October. Continue to track the 6 PM to 8 PM sales. Decide not to buy a house again which gives us more time to save up a full 20% for the down payment and more flexibility on a chose of where to live in the future. Cease daily operations on the Sugarless deLite eBay store. Remove Sugarless deLite apparel link from the blog.

August: Financial markets start to get crazy. Staff turn over requires longer hours from me. Tracking of evening sales ends half-way through the month. The answer to shorter hours is definitive. Our friends at church have their first child born to them a few months early. (The child is healthy and well after a few weeks stay at the hospital.)

September: Meet with the Navy to take the OCS test-pass. Decision is made to go to shorter hours at the store after Christmas. I take a weekend trip to visit with my parents. I begin working Wednesday nights. Both of my banks fail or are sold in the span of 3 days. Bye, bye Wamu and Wachovia. Hello Chase and Well Fargo.

October: Decide to stay at the store through the Christmas holiday. We go to a wedding in San Antonio for Erica's best friend, and we deliver yogurt while we are there to some of our very good customers. I started my Boot Camp workout sessions and discover a new level of pain, but, oddly, I feel better about myself. Both Erica and I participate in early voting. My ballot, as usual, was a bizarre mix of every party. Attend the annual Halloween party with the Vortex (college friends). We all decide that we have gotten old. My good friend Jeff has his first child. Decide to move out of our apartment early. Markets go absolutely bonkers.

November: We make our second trip of the year to Eureka Springs and take our third vacation overall. This is our Christmas present to each other. We watch the election results roll in at the Balcony Bar in the 1905 Basin Park Hotel. (While in Eureka Springs, I once again dream of picking up and moving there to try our hand at the slower life of a retreat town.) Find a fantastic safe place to park our savings with a 4% return. My good friends Matt and Tiff have their first child. Decide that Erica is in charge of all future baby gift buying since I tend to go overboard.

December: I announce to the staff that I am leaving at the beginning of January. Decide to get into coin collecting and start with the presidential coin sets. We slot in five different White Elephant parties for the month. Computer crashes at work. All attempts by the staff to fix it fail. Dr.PC does the job. Erica and I attend the annual Festivus celebration at Bavarian Grill. Sharron and I hide the Festivus polls in plain sight. Polls are now located in three places throughout the dinning room.

Erica and I have a toned down Christmas with the relatives, and I enjoy the fact that it was more about time with the loved ones rather than what the loved ones got us and what we gave them. (Although, the loved ones did a very nice job of sticking to the list this year. Kudos.) Decide against moving this month. Maybe next month. Maybe not...We might finish the lease which runs through July.

Start new store hours after Christmas day. Announce that I am leaving the store on the blog. Worked the store by myself to finish the year. Finish writing the year in review about 3 hours late due to an extremely busy day to finish the year. An odd finish to a very odd year.

Quiz Day: How Much Do You Remember About 2008?

You Remember 90% of 2008

You were paying attention during 2008.
And you remember what happened really well.

You'll be able to talk about 2008 for years to come...
Even when most people have forgotten what went down.


Traivor said...

80%. Football and Batman were my downfall, two things I couldn't care less about.

Sugarless deLite said...

What I like is the fact that you got Sarah Palin's kids right. That's the one that I missed.

UnrulyDuckling said...

You Remember 80% of 2008
You were paying attention during 2008.
And you remember what happened really well.

You'll be able to talk about 2008 for years to come...
Even when most people have forgotten what went down.