3 to Shop

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Roasted Almond, Chocolate Banana, Candy Cane, and Egg Nog.

Shake Day! All shakes are only $3.69 today (regularly $4.62). Come in and enjoy a great holiday flavor shake today.

While yesterday was the deadline for ordering bakery items, we've extended it through today for anyone who forgot. If you need a bakery item, give us a call at 972.644.2000.

We're down to our final three days of Christmas shopping now. If you still have a diabetic, low-carber, or Weight Watcher in your family to shop for, we've got what you need. Check out our wide variety of bakery goods and chocolates for your loved ones.

I'm in the process of doing several things at our home. The first is getting packed to move on the 26th. The second is putting together a wooden puzzle for my sister-in-laws birthday present which I'll give to her on Christmas. This thing is a little more complicated than I thought it would be. I'm about half way through now, but I think it's going to get harder. Still, it should look pretty cool when it's finished.

The packing has gone very well. For the most part, we are finished now. We'll be able to relax tonight after getting a few more boxes done. Then, it will just be moving the stuff from Addison to Plano. It should be a pretty easy move. I'm just looking forward to getting it done and getting out of our current apartment.


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