We're Going Streaking...Maybe

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Almond, Banana Macadamia Nut, and New York Cheesecake.

Shake Day! All shakes are $3.69 all day long (regularly $3.93-$4.62). Ask for the shake special and save some money.

We've had such a great response on PB2 sales that we are already reordering. We did open up a jar to sample this weekend, and the PB2 does taste like peanut butter when you add the water to it. It is quite an interesting product.

Thanks to the persistent effort put in by my loving wife, I got six tickets to Radiohead on May 18th. She was nice enough to be ready when they went on sale. It was a good thing because the connection went haywire here. She came through big time for my friends and me. Best birthday present ever...next to life itself. As a bonus, we ended up with one extra ticket to the show.

This weekend was proof that you can have a busy but relaxing weekend. We had a birthday dinner downtown on Saturday night (Happy Birthday Holly). Since I actually got out of the store a bit earlier than normal, I didn't have to turn around and rush out the door like I normally do for evening events. On Sunday, we went to church and come home for a breakfast for lunch feast, read through the paper, and then settled in for an afternoon nap. After lounging around the house post nap, we cooked dinner and then went out to a campaign event.

This morning, I was finally able to get something crossed off my to do list. I've gotten us signed up for AT&T's "naked" DSL offering. After several weeks of sub-par service from Time Warner Cable, I made the call to make the switch. If TWC is able to come down to the same price point, under thirty, and fix our current internet problem, we will stay with them. However, we now have another acceptable option on the table.

Puzzler: Missing Digits

Put the seven digits into the correct boxes to make the correct sum.


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