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Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Caramel Fudge, Peach, and Boysenberry.

Pumpkin Bread Sale. Come in and ask for the special $14.99 price on our pumpkin breads today to save 5 dollars off of these wonderful breads. (Limit one.)

We've gotten in our shipment of Atkinson's hard candies. These are the candies that are replacing the Peerless candies. As you might know, Peerless went out of business last year. Atkinson purchased much of the sugar free line. Some of the candies, we feel, have actually been improved.

If you don't like politics, you might not like the next few months. However, if you like to have choices and viable campaigns with a bit of political intrigue, then the time leading up to the conventions is going to be great. I definitely fall into the latter camp. I think that it is fantastic that there is not a clear winner on either side this morning. The picture, to some degree, is even fuzzier than it was before Super Tuesday.

One of the great things about our modern era of communications is that you can get real time visual results on things like elections through the internet. That assumption only holds if your connection is working at home. Ours was not, so I resorted to NPR's coverage on the radio. I'm bummed about the internet not working, but it did spur me into action. I've been following the release information about a naked DSL offering from AT&T. It is now available.

This offering is basically DSL without the land line for the phone. It is great for people such as my wife and me who have cell phones only. It is an offering that will probably not be around for more than the federally mandated 2 and 1/2 years, but in the meantime could save some money for those of you who want a high speed connection, but don't need the high price of cable. Here is a page with some information for anyone who might be interested.

Quiz Day: What Is Your Blog Rated?

This Page is Rated



Puzzle Answer: The words on the left are long vowels, while the words on the right are short vowels.


Traivor said…
Your Page is Rated "NC-17"

I'm not sure how that's possible. I keep my blog extremely clean in case of parental or potential employer discovery.

In person, however, those who know me can attest that I rate somewhere near XXX.
Traivor said…
Furthermore, when I put in sugarless d's blog in I still get NC-17.

I smell a rat.
I'm betting it is a randomizer. I didn't try multiple entries.

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