You Can Win For Losing

Ah trivia night, how I hate and love thee. I'm what you might call a competitive person. As such, I hate losing. But, with few exceptions, no matter how many times I lose, I will get back up and try again until I win. This is the draw of trivia night at the Flying Saucer...I want to win. Last night my friends and I, in a dramatically reduced number for our team, managed to turn in our worst showing yet.

Ironically, we won a 10 dollar gift certificate in the process for sticking it out. When I told the moderator that we had a horrible evening, he responded, "It wasn't horrible. It just really wasn't good." Thanks. I eventually want to win because of our knowledge and skill; however, I'll take the charity in the meantime. Now, if only they would include a science and history section to all of the pop culture...

I would just like to say that yesterday's weather was a thing of beauty. I cannot remember the last time that there was an August day that felt like it did. I think that all of the hot and nasty weather that we endure here should allow us to have a greater appreciation for the days that are so wonderful. I hope that you were able to enjoy it as well.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, Toffee Nut, Peach and Very Berry. Today is $3.69 Shake Day (regularly $3.93-$4.62). If it has been a while since you've had a shake, come in today and remember how good they are.

We have just received our shipment from LaTortilla Factory, and in addition to getting re-stocked on the 100% Fat Free white flour tortillas, we have two new wraps in that are one point per wrap: Tomato Basil made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8 Net Carbs) and Rosemary made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (9 Net Carbs). I am looking forward to trying them later today as they both smell scrumptious.

We are once again having trouble with our ISP and the email list. We are working to solve this problem. I will get the September mailer out as soon as possible.

Wacky Photo Wednesday:

Vader's dream girl.

This photo is still one of my favorite baby photos that I've ever come across. The cinnamon roll is huge.

So once again we find ourselves at the half way point of the week. I hope that everyone has a great day. If you didn't vote in last week's Thursday poll, you still have one more day. If you get a chance, step outside for another nice weather day or get out this evening to walk in a cooler summer night.


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