Over Dressed x 2

This weekend I went back to my old church. One of the growing trends in society today is the move towards casual dress. This permeates the dinning crowd, sporting events, movie theaters and churches. People simply no longer dress up to go out. I was raised a little on the traditional side and still like to dress for Sunday mornings. I had my suit laid out the evening before. Needless to say since I woke up late and went to the contemporary service, I was the only one in a suit.

This suit must be a curse because later in the evening, I went to my fraternity's first chapter meeting of the new school year. Traditionally speaking, this is formal meeting. Apparently, it wasn't this evening. But given my standard wardrobe, it was fun to step out and wear a suit. Besides, I think that I wear a suit quite well. It could be a case of better over dressed than under, but next time I think that I'll try and dress a little closer to the general populace.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate Cake, Maple Nut, Marshmallow and Boysenberry.

The Owner's Corner Tip of the Week: Stop trying to lose weight! While this might seem like an odd thing to suggest to our many health conscious customers, it is simple a matter of changing our approach and attitude. Instead of looking at it as losing (negative connotation) weight, we should approach it with the positive attitude of a healthy change in our lifestyle.

Diets tend not to work in the long run because we too often use them as a temporary means to obtain our goal. However, a positive lifestyle change will allow us not only to reach our goal but to continue on the path of healthy living. Changing the way that we eat, work out and spend our leisure time is essential to a positive change.

At the gym where I work out, there is a sign above the pool entrance that reads, "You need to first have the vision before you can achieve." While many people can create a vision, it takes commitment and hard work to obtain the results. Start this commitment with a positive frame of mind and commit to a healthier you.

Thanks to those of you who are active on the blog with your participation on the quizzes, polls, distractions and in the comments section. It's great to hear from everyone.

Two side notes: I’ve blogged before on one of my other blogs about how cool it is to get mail other than bills and magazines. I stand by that assessment. Some days, it makes you smile, especially when it is a perfect little post card.

Prison Break starts tonight at 7 PM on Fox. I am pumped. This season should be great, and it is being filmed here in North Texas. You might enjoy watching this and seeing some of the local areas. At least I know what I will do on Monday nights from 7 PM to 8 PM.


sealegs said…
At most ANY occassion in life I am overdressed. Take the Harry and the Potters experience outside in the 500 degree heat a couple of weeks ago. I had on a 1950's cocktail dress and heels. The rest of the audience was mostly 13 and wearing jeans. I see nothing wrong with looking good; it makes you feel good. My idea of looking good just so happens to involve overly elaborate, and oftentimes inappropriate-for-the-event, dress and shoe combinations. Viva la suit!
Steph said…
I second the mail thing! All I've gotten are bills are advertisements and it's so sad!!!
SerenitySprings said…
I'm usually under dressed. I like to be comfortable so I'm usually in jeans and a tank top or some other type of slip-over-the-head blouse. I'm almost always wearing sandals.

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