28 August 2006

Not Much Here

This weekend, I moved two of my good friends, who are thankfully married, back into town. It was the first time in around eight years that I have had to move a piano. The good news is that the apartment was on the first floor. The best part about a move that is not your own is not having to set up. The furniture and boxes are easy, but finding room for everything is the hard part.

After mopping around all day on Sunday and watching the Cardinals grand slam walk off victory over the Cubs :), I finished a project that I had started last Wednesday. Since I have company coming over tonight, I thought it would be nice to not have 400 plus CD's lying around the apartment. Five hours later at 3 in the morning, I finished this project and have two wonderfully organized binders of CD's. Right, I might have gone a little OCD on the organization part. But, I did find three CD's that I had misplaced including one that was given to me, one that I had just bought a replacement copy for last week, and the Old 97's Satellite Rides.

Speaking of the Old 97's, the best part of the weekend was getting my tickets to their October 12th show. It's been a long time since I've seen these guys play. They are hands down one of the best live shows. This will be my seventh time to see them and I am very excited.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappuccino, Toffee Nut, Banana and Very Berry.

You still have a few days to save on our rich chocolate cake loaves with the special of month $14.99 price (regularly $19.99). We have the September calendar available in the store and will have it posted on the blog on September 1st. If you are on the email list, don't forget to check you email boxes in the next few days.

The Owner's Corner Tip of the Week: For all of those trying to live a healthy lifestyle with good dietary choices, I suggest that you ask questions. Finding out more information will help you make proper choices. Many of our most successful customers are those who want to be helped.

At Sugarless deLite, we are always ready and willing to help with a variety of different programs ranging from Atkins, Weight Watchers®, South Beach and diabetic. Our staff has been trained to help you with your questions. We can best help when you ask us questions about your dietary needs.

Much like a new piece of complex electrical equipment works better with instructions, programs will work better with questions. These questions allow us to help serve you best. Please let us know so that we can help you with your goal.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the rain. We are long over due for a good downfall so I am thankful for the last two days. It looked like we may even get a little more rain during the week. I'll soak it in while it lasts. Enjoy the start to your week.

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