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I'm pretty sure that yesterday's blog entry was the first one to receive a comment from someone in a foreign country. That's one of the weird things about the Internet, even when your a few thousand miles away, you're still next door. I'm sure that there is some type of transcendental thought involved here. Feel free to talk about this amongst yourselves.

I watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang this morning. It was a movie that I was interested in when it came out in the theater, but, as often happens, I did not see it. A few years later, it arrived in my mail box. I clocks in at a brisk hour and forty-three minutes and made for a good early morning watch.

The movie is a quirky murder comedy that stars Robert Downy Jr. and Val Kilmer. Built around the oddity that is the L.A. movie industry, the characters find themselves involved in a murder mystery that seems to be out of a pulp fiction novel. With actors of this caliber, the story merely needs to work to make the film good. Thankfully, the story was a good one. This film certainly would not be for everyone. The R rating was deserved. However, it's dark sense of humor and quick one liners delivered back and forth made for a funny diversion to an early morning start. Movie Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Traivor said…
That comment (and this one) was actually left from Liverpool. We'll get you that Ireland comment Saturday night when we're back in Dublin.

I'm having a Guinness for breakfast. Sometimes life isn't so bad.

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