Cleaned Up

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Banana, and Pecan Praline.

Cone Day! All cones are only $2.08 today (regularly $2.77) when you ask for the Cone Day special.

I was a little nervous about my trip to the dentist this morning. After the big work that I had done on my teeth two years ago, I've been pretty religious about the flossing and routine cleanings and check-ups. However, I let it slid to twice the normal length between cleanings this time.

Nevertheless, my work at home has served me well. For the forth time in a row, I've had a check-up without a cavity. :) Given my track record, this is a very good report. I'm hoping that this is a new trend. I, of course, will do my part to continue down this path. It makes my check-ups much more palatable.

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