20 May 2008

Sophmore Slump

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I finally got to rest last night after dinner. Going to bed before 10 PM is a rarity for me, but getting 11 hours of sleep is even more rare. Nevertheless, the busy nature of the weekend compelled me to sleep or get sick. Sleep sounded like more fun than any potential illness that might arise. Of course, the odd side effect of getting that much sleep is that you always feel tired when you awake from the monstrous slumber.

When I check the box office take from the weekend, I was surprised to see that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian only took in 56.6 million on its opening weekend, but I do have an idea why. We went to go see it on Saturday. Both Erica and I very much enjoyed the first one, but these were our reservations about the follow-up.

The second movie in the Narnia series suffered on several fronts. First, the film made several alterations to the story of the book that, while minor, were unnecessary and took away from the overall feel of the story. Second, the film was too long. Unfortunately, the extra length was primarily due to two long fight scenes. Producers and director might one day learn that we don't need for these battles to rage on for 20 plus minutes. The story is more important than the visuals. Lastly, the story seems to be missing some of the Christian overtones that are found in the book and were prevalent in the first movie. Without them, the world of Narnia seems to suffer devoid of its magic.

While the combination of these factors did not prevent the film from being good, it might prevent it from reaching the block buster status of the first film. These are also problems that, if continued, could prevent the films from being a viable series. My hope is that Disney corrects them for the next installment of the series called The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I would still recommend the film; however, it is not one that you must rush out and see. Movie Rating: 3 out of 5.

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