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One of the things that I normally check at the start of the week is a blog called The Weekend Gross. It is written by Steven Wong who covers the box office grosses for Essentially, it covers the top ten at the box office for the previous weekend and will sometimes talk about other movie industry news.

This weekend saw some phenomenal numbers compliments of Iron Man. This superhero is certainly one at which to marvel. In the first entry for the franchise, it grossed over 100 million dollars in the US box office and added almost 100 million more on the world scene. 200 million in one weekend makes for a pretty good take. This is a film that I am looking forward to seeing, but am going to probably going to have to find someone other than my wife to go to see this one.

This summer is shaping up to be very big for movies. While I still need to see Iron Man, I've also got Speed Racer, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and Indian Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. These are just the movies for May. I might need to find a movie buddy.

Bonus News: If you've been awaiting that much hyped stimulus payment, here is a site that will let you know when you can expect them. I'm looking forward to putting ours into our savings fund so that we can inch a little closer to a house.

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