There's Still Hockey

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I don't really follow the Dallas Stars anymore. I haven't followed hockey since they went on strike a few years back, but I might have to later this week. It seems that the Stars have advanced to the Western Conference finals after a four OT win in the eight longest game in NHL history last night against the San Jose Sharks. At 5 hours and 14 minutes, there is no doubt that the hard core hockey fans at the American Airlines Center got the most for their money.

With the Mavericks done and the Rangers off being the Rangers, the Stars are really about the best sports option in town, unless you count Cowboys mini-camp. It's true that the Stars will face my perennial favorite hockey team in the form of the Detroit Red Wings, but I might have to pull for the Stars this time. After the last nine years of no title and many upsets in the post season, it would be nice to see a winner back in Dallas again. If it has to be hockey to supply it, so be it. Go Stars!

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