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Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Banana, and Pecan Praline.

Yogurt Club Bonus: If you are a member of the Yogurt Club, then you can get a small yogurt for only $1.27 today when you ask for the Yogurt Club Special. If you want a medium, large or XL, we'll take $1.50 off of any of those sizes for you. Limit one per card member.

On the days that we actually get it here, I try to flip through the Dallas Morning News Quick. You never know what you are going to find in the margins of the paper. Today's copy had an interesting side blurb on page 9 about religious persecution. Arwel Wynne Hughes, who attacked a Jedi church in Wales while he was dressed as Darth Vader, received mercy from the court today and will not have to serve jail time.

If you want the video, click here for the BBC's original coverage.

Quiz Day: What Element Is Your Body?

Your Body's Element is Air

You are competitive, assertive, and dominant.
You live to win, and it really makes you angry if you lose.
You are brilliant and competent. No matter what you're doing, you now your stuff.People tend to be intimidated by your intelligence. It's hard to measure up to you.
Your energy tends to be: ebbing and flowing
Your power color is: white


SerenitySprings said…
Your Body's Element is Earth
You are responsible, successful, and ambitious.
You tend to be a leader in most situations.

You are honest and direct. You give the advice other people can't bear to give.
In friendships, you sometimes end up being a mother / father figure.

Your energy tends to be: balanced

Your power color is: yellow

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