Lazy Day, Great Food

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Toffee Nut, Pistachio, Orange Vanilla, and Lemon.

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Yesterday was nice and relaxing. After staying out late for the pirate celebration on Saturday night and waking up for church on Sunday morning, I needed a day to take it easy. Thankfully, my wife was happy to join me for one of those wonderful two hour Sunday afternoon naps. Upon waking up from our slumber, we went to the mall to use up my Eddie Bauer gift card. I got one pair of jeans, one button up shirt, and one polo type shirt for 19 dollars after the 50 dollar gift card. I feel like I got a whole new fashion line. Besides, the jeans were greatly needed.

After a quick trip to Kohl's, the hunger began to strike. We opted for a repeat session at Berryhill on the NW corner of Frankford and Preston. After a second dinning experience, I am ready to anoint Berryhill as the makers of the best chimichangas ever. We set outside and enjoyed the nice weather and wonderful food. I can tell that this is going to probably be one of those places were I am interested in trying more of the menu but will have a hard time pulling away from my favorite item. has a new option this year that allows the reader to choose their own top 25 list for college football. I've decided to add my top 25 picks to the Monday blog for the remainder of the season. If you think that your team should be higher in the rankings, here is your chance to say so. My 25.

Winning Blogger Number: 16


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