Bracelets are the new ribbons.

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Shake Day! All shakes are $3.69 all day long (regularly $3.93-$4.62).

The bagels will not be in today because of the Labor Day holiday. The should arrive with tomorrow's UPS delivery. We do still have some on hand in our freezer for those who need them today.

I did forget to mention the other day that we got in our shipment of La Tortilla. We do have all varieties of the tortillas back in stock. These are perfect options for low carb lifestyles and Weight Watchers®.

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I did some surfing on the websites that I posted yesterday. When I came across this link, it dawned on me that the bracelets that we all proudly wear around each day that sprouted up overnight with the Livestrong bracelet are simply a replacement from the Hollywood ribbon campaign of the late 90's. I've had this thought before, but it was always an in and out thought that never stuck around long enough to develop. You don't often see people wearing ribbons anymore. Our cars might wear them in their evolved magnetic form to support our troops, our environment, piracy or other things of that nature, but not many people actually wear a physical ribbon anymore.

Bracelets, on the other hand, can be seen on lots of different wrists. From the business man to the soccer mom to the musician in the corner cafe, the bracelets are a way for us to say that we support a cause greater than ourselves. Maybe that's why the ribbons and the bracelets strike such a cord in us. We get to feel like we are doing something right and fighting for something worthwhile. Soon, it becomes fashionable to have them. At some point in time, because they no longer tell of our individual caring nature, we move on to the next thing. Whatever that next thing is, someone will make a fortune on it.

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