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Tonight, we have a buy one, get one free (limit one, excludes XL) special on our frozen yogurt from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Last night, I went with one of my friends to the Morrissey concert at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. Before I get to my short review, I have a little rant.

About the Drive and the Lines:

The 20 minute drive took one hour because people have apparently forgotten or have never known how to drive in the rain. The parking was 10 dollars and the directions to the parking lot were horrible. The lines at the concert to have your ID checked were ridiculously set up. There were two of them. One line had three people checking and the other had one person. Needless to say, we got in the line that had one person and didn't notice the three people checking the other line until we were right at the end of our line.

About the other concert patrons:

Once we were securely at the venue and the show began, there was the joy of dealing with everyone else who was there. The biggest problem that we ran into is the ability to see. I don't generally have a problem with this; however, my friend is shorter so we stood towards the back of the crowd. With a 5 foot buffer in front of us, she was able to peek between the heads to catch glimpses of Morrissey. At least she was until people decided that the open area was a great place to come and stand for their own viewing pleasure or unnecessary displays of affection. Of course, there also has to be that crazy dancer guy...and there was.

The advent of technology has made viewing an issue for me as well. Gone are the days of an occasional flash photo from a camera that was secretly brought into the venue. These days have been replaced with the ever present camera and video phone that let people hold their phones above their head for minutes at a time recording bits and pieces of the show and ruining everyone’s view behind them. Furthermore, the number of people calling and talking on their phones during the show is something that no one had to deal with 10 years ago.

The Show: (actual review)

The Morrissey concert itself was a wonderful event. He provided a high energy show with a bit of playful banter to the crowd. The band rocked a little harder than expected. Instead of over powering his vocals, they actually worked as a great accent. You could tell that they enjoyed being on stage and playing the show and the audience enjoyed the show. The crowd was a mix of those in their early 20's to their late 40's and early 50's.

He surprised us by opening with the classic song from The Smiths called The Queen is Dead. Some artists that go solo after being part of an influential band might refuse to acknowledge their previous work; however, Morrissey embraces it and mixed in four or five songs from his days as The Smiths front man. His solo works were a pleasant mix of his new songs and his early classics. The inclusion of Every Day is Like Sunday brought a smile to our faces and a sing along from the crowd. With the closing song of How Soon Is Now?, he cemented a great show. He came back on for a final two songs and left us cheering again. (4 1/2 out of 5)

As an added bonus, I got to take a tour of an emergency veterinarian clinic last night after the show. It was cool seeing all of the different supplies and hearing about what goes on behind the doors of the pet ER. Thanks Brandi.


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