07 May 2007

Green Teeth

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First, let me just say that the pillow saga has indeed ended for me. The one that I got sleeps like a dream. I'm talking about some deep sleep. Even though it took a little longer than I would have liked, it is nice to have found a winner.

Of course, the weekend of activity could have had something to do with the good sleep as well. On Friday night, we went to Dovie's in Addison and had a wonderful dinner then we stayed up late talking the night away. On Saturday night, we were itching to get out and spend some time with our friends so we organized a trip to the Bavarian Grill where we closed the place down. After waking up and going to church on Sunday, we ran some errands for some much needed groceries and then went to eat at Spring Creek BBQ. After several month of staying in on most evenings, this weekend seemed crazy.

By far the coolest thing that we found while we were out shopping this weekend was a new toothbrush. Yes, I know that seems like one of the most boring purchases that you can make, but stick with me here. The toothbrush didn't have some new hooky gadget or super cool design color. Rather, this one was made from recycled yogurt cups for the handle (the bristles are new) and had near 100% recycled packaging which doubles as a travel case. Additionally, when you are finished with the toothbrush, you can send it in to be recycled again.

Brushing my teeth with it for the first time last night was great. The curve in the handle actually allowed me to brush softer and get further back. Added bonus. The company that makes this has a winning product on their hands if they get the needed support from the American consumer. At a premium of little over 10% the cost of a regular toothbrush, this one is well worth the buy. You can read more about the Preserve Toothbrush from Recycline here. If you're in the market for a new toothbrush, I highly recommend this one which can be found at the Target on the NW corner of Coit and Campbell.


Anonymous said...

that's my husband... being most excited by a recycled toothbrush. :)

sealegs said...

I have that toothbrush. Purchased at Whole Foods. Good to see other retailers are carrying it...

SerenitySprings said...

Brad, please don't be irritated if I call you the next time I'm shopping for a toothbrush so you can remind me what to buy. Ask Sharon - I call her every time I buy makeup so she can remind me what's not tested on animals. It's awesome that I have friends who are socially conscious about things that are different from what I'm conscious about because it means that I don't have to hold a bunch of information in my head. :)