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Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, Butterscotch (after 4:30 PM), Roasted Almond and Peach.

This weekend, we have all of our pecan pies on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19.99).

One thing that I forgot about in planning out the busy stretch of May was the soccer game on Sunday. Thankfully, my wife reminded me about it. So it seems that after a lazy night last night with a little grocery shopping and a movie, we're back into a busy weekend with a birthday party and a soccer game.

We watched Big Fish yesterday. I had never seen this film even though I was always interested in viewing it. It was a very good film. I love Tim Burton's directing style and his vivid colors. Most of all, it was a love story wrapped in a fantasy and that made for good viewing. Instead of being overly sappy, it released the sentiment in measured dose, building over time until a great shot at the end. Well done.

Your Saturday Distraction: What Rose Represents Your Love?

Your Love is Represented by a Purple Rose

For you, love is all about chemistry and attraction. You totally believe in love at first sight.
If a relationship is right, you know it from the start.
You're often sure of your feelings. And you're not afraid to express them.

In addition to beautiful cakes, we also create party trays for special occasions at Sugarless deLite. This morning, I got to put two together for a wedding. We snapped a couple of photos of them before they went out the door.


Traivor said…
***Your Love is Represented by a White Rose***

While you may or may not be totally naive, you do approach love with an eternal innocence.
You love like you've never been hurt. And you put all your faith in your partner.
Your philosophy on love is: be honest and be yourself.
Anonymous said…
i was purple also. :)

ps. the party trays look amazing!
SerenitySprings said…
***Your Love is Represented by a Yellow Rose***

You primarily express your love through friendship and caring.
This doesn't mean your romantic relationships are platonic - they just start that way.
You need a lot of freedom in relationships. So if you do happen to send roses, they don't mean much.
sealegs said…
Your Love Is Represented By a Pink Rose

You see love as something that should be light, fun, and whimsical.
People fall in love with you easily. And you tend to fall out of love easily!
You express your love through attention and shared experiences. You love people more than they realize.

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