16 March 2007


Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Grasshopper, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Boysenberry and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Today is the start of our Pecan Pie Weekend. Come in and get a Pecan Pie for only $14.99 all weekend long (regularly $19.99). If you want to make sure that you get one, give us a call at 972.644.2000 to place your order.

The cat move in went fairly well yesterday outside of Mr. Wilson trying to create a hiding space for himself on top of the refrigerator and the bizarre phenomenon known simply as the "duck call" that emanated from his voice box this morning at 5:55 when he decided that we should get up and play with him. The former I think we have solved, the latter I have been told is an almost nightly occurrence. I'm still not sure why people really like owning pets.

Nevertheless, the only real problem that remains is that his food seems to be releasing a beacon call for ants. Last evening, I notice three ants crawling around his water and food bowl which was by the patio door so we promptly cleaned those off, reloaded them and moved them to the fire place. Then, we went to the store to get some ant traps for the home to place around the entrances to the outside walls.

This morning, after laying in bed for awhile debating on whether or not I might be able to replace my traditional cell phone alarm for the "duck call" which sounds something like a mix of a small baby crying and a cat being tortured while in heat with periodic small traditional meows thrown in for good measure, I got up to check on the cat and get ready for work. As I approached his food and water, I saw that the ants had decided to invite their friends and relatives over for a picnic.

Apparently, their main entry point is the fireplace. I laid some additional traps and will hopefully see some progress in the next few days; however, if any pet owners have some suggestions, I would love to here other solutions. This is the first time that I have had a problem with bugs in the apartment and I know that the open source of food and water are drawing them in to the home.

Friday in the News: When the U.S. ambassador to India Robert Blackwill resigned in 2004, what essential part of Indian culture did he cite as part of the reason? In a farewell speech at the end of his difficult and much criticized 18-month tenure, Ambassador Robert Blackwill said, "Don't let anyone tell you differently; those Andhra peppers are without a doubt a weapon of mass destruction!" (This story brought to you by the WWDTM daily calendar.)

Happy Birthday Wishes to William Jonathan Drayton Jr., a.k.a. Flavor Flav. Flavor Flav is one of the founding members the rap group Public Enemy which was one of the most influential groups in rap during the late 80's and early 90's including the great album Fear of a Black Planet. Want a free small (7oz) yogurt? Tell us his trademark jewelry that he is known for wearing around his neck.

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