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I read today on greenplastic.com that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has released what it is calling the Definitive 200. This is supposed to be a list of 200 essential albums that everyone should have. This list was apparently created without regard to album sells or awards, but I'm not buying that line. A list like this is both fun and frustrating. It's just really hard to see an album like Radiohead's OK Computer come in at number 111 while the soundtrack to Grease sits at number 37. (For the record, I love Grease and it does have a fantastic soundtrack; however, there is no way that it deserves a higher position than on of the great landmark albums of the 90's.)

The one really nice part of this list is that you can click on the album and see the “logic” behind the choice. The little blurbs make it a worthwhile click through. In going through the list, I did find a few notables that I would like to share:

#5 U2- The Joshua Tree (No surprises. This all around great album is the second CD that I ever owned.)
#16 Prince- Purple Rain (Hello? When Doves Cry?)
#31 Beastie Boys- License To Ill (White boys can rap.)
#32 Guns ‘n Roses- Appetite for Destruction (The album that made me fall in love with Rock n Roll.)
#73 REM- Automatic for the People (Something about this album and it’s overall filling of being out of place that made it seem like it was in the exactly right place.)
#77 Johnny Cash- At Folsom Prison (One of the best live albums ever recorded. Raw.)
#92 Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication (More ground braking than the number 88 entry on the list, this album marks the beginning of their sober career and a true growth in their music.)
#96 The Clash- London Calling (This album brought punk to the forefront and might just claim one of the best album covers of all time.)
#106 Beck- Odelay! (This thing was huge and showcased Beck’s quirky mixture of music styling on a big stage.)
#111 Radiohead- OK Computer (Seriously #111??? Maybe if they shaved a 100 off this number.)
#119 The Police- Synchronicity (One of the best from one of the best.)
#131 The Cars- The Cars (Instant classic.)
#138 Metallica- Ride the Lightning (This is trash metal at its commercial best.)
#156 Public Enemy- It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (Public Enemy give both N.W.A and Run D.M.C. a run for their money as one of the most influential rap bands of all time.)
#171- David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust (Talk about a rock concept album. Wow!)

See some that you agree with? Let us know by leaving a comment. I skipped my left off but should have been put on list, but feel free to leave those too.

Saturday Distraction: (In honor of #171) What’s Your Androgynous Name?

Your Androgynous Name Is:

Quinn Tyler


Moderator said…
Man, I completely forgot to put number 44 on the list. Bon Jovi- Slippery When Wet (Nothing better than belting out songs on this album with your other friends from the 80's.)

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