19 March 2007

Busted Bracket

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The bad thing about gambling big is that you can also lose big. The good thing about gambling with only your pride is that, if you are willing to, you can lose big and it will have little effect outside of the friendly razzing that you might or will receive. With this logic in mind, I made a change to my bracket for the NCAA tournament just before it started on Thursday of last week. Seeing the opportunity for a big win on the outside shot of Texas going all the way, I took UNC out in the round of 16 and had Texas finish as the tournament winner.

Like I said, you can lose big. I haven't run the tallies yet, but I am rather sure that I have already secured the biggest loser spot for the 2nd out of three years. My Longhorns let me down again as well as my Duke Blue Devils. Now I'm left cheering on Florida to see if they can rule both football and basketball in the same year. As long as it is not UNC or Ohio State, I'll be happy.

Over the next few weeks, I will post a series of helpful hints for successful exercise programs. These are from an article that I found on MSN and examine common misconceptions about workouts and common sense response to them.

Advice: The best time to exercise is in the morning, because you jumpstart your metabolism.

Myth: While many people are energized by exercising in the morning, it's best to pick a time that works best with your body's daily rhythms. Aim for hours of "down time" during your day. If you have time to exercise in the evening, do it then. Don't avoid exercise because you can't do in the morning. There is a temporary, short-term increase in metabolic rate with exercise, but it lasts only a few hours. That's not a reason to exercise in the morning, if this time is not "you." The best time is when you can fit it into your day.-By Madelyn Fernstrom, Ph.D., CNS

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great start to their week today. Remember that with summer just around the corner, you have a great ally in Sugarless deLite if you want some help with getting in shape.

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