21 April 2006

Weekend Warriors

Once again the weekend is upon us. Did this week seem to go by quickly to anyone else? Of course we'll be here all weekend, so come by and see us. I've listed some new items on the Sugarless deLite eBay store. If you haven't checked out either of our on-line stores, you may find some great deals if you do.

The Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Grasshopper, Egg Nog, Blueberry Cheesecake and French Vanilla.

Friday Fun Fact: John Wilkes Booth's brother once saved the life of Abraham Lincoln's son. While in his late teens, Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert Todd, was returning home from Harvard University when he lost his balance and fell between two railway cars. A fellow passenger reacted quickly, pulling him from certain death. The helping hand was that of Edwin Booth, brother of the man who would soon assassinate the young man's father. (This fact brought to you by the Fact or Crap daily calendar.)

Happy Birthday to the Grandfather of Punk, Iggy Pop. At his age, grandfather is quite the appropriate title. Here's to living a long, weird life.

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