19 April 2006

The Sorrows of Pseudo Sick...

No yoga update today. I had to skip last evening’s session because of an annoying pseudo sickness. You know, the type of illness when you are sick enough to not feel 100% and just a little cruddy, but not ill enough to miss work. Instead to stop the dastardly pseudo sickness in its tracks, you go to work, drink your juices, eat healthy, skip any evening activities, and go home to go to bed early. At least when you’re really sick, you can stay at home, lie in bed all day and truly feel miserable. On second thought, maybe this pseudo sick thing isn't that bad.

We did receive several shipments in today. We are restocked on the following items: Apple Butter, Cherry Butter, Tangy Ginger, Chipotle, Valor 70% Dark Chocolate Bars, Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and Jordan Almonds. We also have a new item in called Smoky Southwest Salsa which is a chunky blend of five varieties of peppers with tomatoes, onions, spices and mesquite smoke. This salsa is a free exchange for Weight Watchers® and is 2 net carbohydrates.

The yogurt flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Grasshopper, Egg Nog, Blueberry Cheesecake and French Vanilla. Don't forget that all shakes are $3.49 all day long today. Try a combination of Grasshopper and Chocolate Decadence for a delicious chocolate mint shake.

Today's Wacky Photo is a salute to all of our former Alpha Gamma Delta employees. I found this one and knew that I had to put it up for you all. Enjoy.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our weekly survey and a really awesome random site that will have you sending emails to all of your friends.

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