Cobra Pose

Have any of you ever done Yoga? I had my first session last night. I think that this form of exercise may have at first be developed as a way to torture students or prisoners. I had bones pop that I didn't know existed, and I now have muscles aching that I'm not sure that I have ever used before. Despite the pain, I will admit that I enjoyed the experience and look forward to next week’s session. For any one that is interested in trying Yoga, here are 10 tips for beginners:

1. Do not drink a Diet Coke and eat a protein bar 15 minutes prior to the session. (Breathing and bending are apparently a big part of the Yoga thing.)

2. Bring your own mat. (Trust me. You don't want to borrow one and you really don't want to sit on the floor.)

3. Sit in the front of the class. (Sit behind anyone doing the Cobra Pose and you'll get quite the room with a view.)

4. Be prepared for pain. (Apparently the instructors have a psychic ability to sense pain and will make sure to hold the pose right up until your break point.)

5. Don't be afraid to look silly while doing Yoga. (Everyone else looks just as silly while doing Yoga.)

6. If you're a guy, don't go with other guys. (Everyone else may look just as silly, but your guy friends will make sure that you know that you are the silliest.)

7. If you're a girl, don't go with a group of guys. (Plain and simple, you'll be embarrassed by your inflexible, loud, sweaty male friends.)

8. Wear comfortable clothing that promotes easy movement. (Remember that comfortable doesn't mean jeans and a tee-shirt.)

9. Have an open mind. (If you go into the session thinking that it is stupid, then it will be stupid.)

10. Have fun and take two painkillers before bedtime. (Yoga is relaxing and enjoyable, but it'll let you know just how pathetically out of shape you are.)

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Now for our Wacky Photo:

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SerenitySprings said…
Haha...that's an awesome picture.

I can add to the yoga advice: don't sit behind your male friend whilst participating in yoga. You'll probably have to think about him in a whole *new* way. Trust me, you don't want to go there.
Erica said…
i surely hope you aren't talking about sitting behind a certain male friend...
and those better be platonic thoughts... or we might have some issues. ;)
ps. everyone try the key lime pie because it is so wonderful- i had one for my birthday.
SerenitySprings said…
Oh, it wasn't anything weird, least not in *that* way. It was just hilarious. Mostly because I had no idea he could bend that way!

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