Ready for the Final Run.

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, Butter Pecan, Strawberry Shortcake, and Angel Food Cake.

Brownie Special: Buy any 2 items from our bakery case that are normally priced at $3.49 each for only 5 dollars today. This offer includes the peanut butter Gold Bars, Fudge Nut Brownies, Low Carb Brownies, and the Pecan Bars.

We are now restocked on the Doctor's Carb-Rite Brownies.

Three weeks until Thanksgiving! Don't forget to order your pies. The deadline this year is Sunday the 23rd at 6 PM.

Bagels have arrived! We have all varieties on hand (Blueberry, Sweet Wheat, Cinnamon, White, and Onion) as well as the pita and English Muffins. Get your fresh breads today.

We managed to have a restful vacation in the sleepy town of Eureka Springs. Unfortunately, the leaves had already undergone their biggest change of the season, but it was still a wonderful view. The colors played off of each other, and the weather was warm. It was, in fact, a little too warm at times. Thankfully, most of the stores were still open. Although, finding them open throughout the day was a bit of a challenge.

We managed to hit most of our favorite places to eat and shop. We, and by we I mean I, did a much better job of not spending too much money in the local shops. While there were some great deals to be had since we were there so close to the end of the season, we resisted. With the bed and breakfast at such a reasonable rate and gas relatively cheap, we had a nice affordable break before the holiday season. It was a fantastic Christmas present to each other.

We watched the results roll in Tuesday night at one of the local bars. I have to say the the watching party was shorter lived than I had anticipated. With Ohio and Pennsylvania called so early in the night, it was just a matter of time until the west coast results came in and solidified a win for President-Elect Obama. We left the bar and walked back to the B&B. After listening to both of the gracious speeches, we went to sleep. Thank you Erica for letting me have my election night fun.

Now, we move forward to the gauntlet that is the holiday season. Around this time of the year, my wife gets to see a little less of me as I work to first get the store in order and then to get the store on track for holiday business. The first matter at hand will be the Christmas prep for all of the holiday goodies. Next, will be surviving the week of Thanksgiving. Then, we will have the fun of the holiday run to Christmas. It's time to mount up for one last run to the new year.

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