Happy Veterns Day!

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, Butter Pecan, White Chocolate Mousse, and Orange Vanilla.

Yogurt Club Day! All Yogurt Club members can get a small yogurt today for $1.27 when you use your club card and ask for the special. You can upgrade to a medium, large, or XL and we'll take $1.50 off of any of those sizes for you. If you're not a Yogurt Club member, ask us how to join and start saving on your everyday yogurt purchases.

There are only twelve days left to pre-order your holiday bakery needs for Thanksgiving from us. We've got pies, cheesecakes, and pumpkin breads available, but you'll want to make sure to order so that we can bake you what you want. The ordering deadline is Sunday the 23rd at 6 PM. The ordering form can be found two entries below and will be posted again tomorrow.

I'll take the rain because we needed it. We're running a bit behind for our yearly average. Besides, it started to rain shortly after I got home last night, so it was nice to have the storm ranging all around as we were comfortably sitting on the couch. The cat, however, seemed to disagree.

Mr. Wilson is a scaredy cat. I guess most animals are when it comes to big storms. But our cat likes to freak out and go slinking around the downstairs into every which corner as if trying to escape from and unseen entity seeking to capture him. Assuming that he is not meowing up a storm himself, this is, at times, mildly entertaining. While he was rather talkative before the storm, the thunderclaps seemed to take the conversation from him.

I guess after a few hours of searching for shelter, he either exhausted himself or determined it was safe to hunker down in the living room. I went over to give him a belly rub. He either likes or tolerates these. After this particular rub and a bit of traditional cat petting, he actually flopped over on his back and took the traditional cat nap. I went back to reading my book.


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