Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Pistachio, Banana Cheesecake, Orange Vanilla, Angel Food Cake.

Today, you can ship to any of the lower 48 states (UPS ground only) for $6.99. Come into the store and pick out your items, then let us ship for you.

News of interest to our diabetic customers: Pumpkin may cut injections for diabetes.

I went to see Sicko yesterday with a few of my friends. I would suggest that everyone go to see it. I'm not pushing one side or the other on the argument of health care, but I do think that this film does a decent job of showing flaws in the American system. It doesn't give a great plan for an alternate system; however, the film does show several other countries (Canada, Great Brittan, France and the controversial inclusion of Cuba) and the experiences of the citizens. The greatest problem and slant to the film is that it does not address the issue of the cost of the systems for these countries.

Unlike many of his previous films, this one was a little more informative and a lot less demonstrative and argumentative which made it easier to watch than his previous works. If you don't feel like paying full price for this film, I would suggest viewing it at the Keystone Theater off of Spring Valley and 75 between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM to take advantage of the 4 dollar twilight movie special. With all of the talking and cell phones and just generally rude movie patrons that ruin the movies now, four dollars is just about the right price to pay for a theater.

This is a big film week for me. Tomorrow, my wife and I are going on a movie and dinner date to see the Transformers and eat some barbeque. Of course on Wednesday, the fifth Harry Potter film will be released. While I don’t think we will see it on opening night, I do plan on seeing it in the first week or so with a group. Now that I know about the four dollar deal, I am more likely to see some additional films this year.


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