18 July 2007

Mmmmm, Leftovers

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Caramel, Maple Nut, Lemon, New York Cheesecake.

Today is Shake Day! All shakes are $3.69 all day long (regularly $3.93 to $4.62). With the Caramel yogurt in the machines, now is the best time to try a Kahlua Mudslide.

We've got a bonus special on crème pies with two options:

Option One: Buy any crème pie for $12.99.

Option Two: Buy any crème pie for $19.99 and get the second crème pie free.

This offer is limited to supplies on hand (no pre-orders). Remember, each slice of a crème pie is only 3 Points on Weight Watchers®.

One thing that my wife and I do well together is cook. Last night, we made a great low carb eggplant parmesan. It was a little beyond what we would normally do in terms of preparation and cook time. We started at 6 o'clock and ate around 8 o'clock, but the payoff was well worth while. It is rare to come across a recipe that doesn't need a little tweaking. This was one of them. I'm ready for the leftovers tonight. :)

That's the real secrete to any eating lifestyle...choice. Whether it is a low carb lifestyle, Weight Watchers®, or any other option, just keep your options open. We have many different things to help you with your program at Sugarless deLite.

Wednesday Comic: (click to enlarge)

What an utter disappointment.

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