24 July 2007

Mean Girls and Mean People

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My Rant:

Linday Lohan isn't a normal topic on my blog entries. Thankfully, neither are any of the gal pals that also light up the tickers on the news channels and soak up the ink in the papers. Unfortunately, I couldn't sit back on this one. It's not the fact that she was arrested again or that she is suspected of having illegal substances in her system. Rather, I find the biggest shame to be the way that people react to the sad tailspin.

I guess it's easy to make off the cuff remarks and sit back and laugh. Heck, I'm guilty of it just as much as anyone else sometimes and it a group setting it can become quite the feeding frenzy. The reaction is worse when it's someone who is rich and famous because we are motivated out of jealousy to tear the person down and see them fail. Maybe in our rush to cover up our own failures, it is easy to forget that they are a person too with their own problems. Problems that are evident in their actions as they call for help.

It doesn't surprise me to see the news coverage in the morning or to see a Larry King Live special program. People like train wrecks and spectacular explosions and we love to watch a good implosion especially when we helped to create it. Nevertheless, the better part of us should be willing to run in and help after the train wreck instead of throwing fuel on the fire by sitting back and laughing or tossing stones at those who are as much victims of the systems as they are proprietors of it. It is easier for us to judge them and cast them aside than it is for us to offer a hand for help. Too often, we choose the easy way.

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SerenitySprings said...

You know, I think you're right. Well said.