On the Move

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Friday in the News: While it is not true that Walt Disney's body has been cryogenically preserved, the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride once had real human skeletons hanging from the walls. Designers felt that the artificial skeletons available at the time weren't sufficiently realistic-looking. Eventually, the skeletons were returned and properly buried. (This story brought to you by the WWDTM daily calendar.)

Today marks the start of moving for my wife and me. I always get excited on moving days. I love the newness of it. This one is also exciting because of the extra bedroom and square footage that we will acquire. Furthermore, the cat will have a bed to hide under again since the extra bedroom will be open to him. I've got a load of boxes in my trunk and other boxes ready to move out at the old place when we go to pick up the keys to the new place tonight.

I've found out a few things in my many moves over the years. One of the key tricks is to move the little boxes the night before the furniture. Of course this goes out the window if you're moving a distance; however, we are thankfully moving less than three miles away. Heck, we might even have the kitchen all set up tonight in the new place. We're just hoping that the rain holds off for the weekend. :/

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UnrulyDuckling said…
I have found that one of the key tricks to moving is hiring some other people to do it for me.

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