Roll Out!

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Pistachio, Banana Cheesecake, Orange Vanilla, Angel Food Cake.

Yogurt Club Bonus Day! If you have a Yogurt Club Card, you can get a small yogurt for only 45 cents today when you pay for your purchase with your Yogurt Club Card. Or, save 2 dollars off of a medium, large or XL yogurt. (Limit one per person.)

If you don't have a Yogurt Club Card, ask us how to get one and start saving over 15% off of your yogurt purchases today.

Yesterday, I posted a link to the new apparel options for Sugarless deLite. I also found a few codes for that can be used to save a little money through the 15th of July.

DES159: Saves 10 dollars off of any purchase of 40 dollars or more.
NCD159: Saves 3 dollars off of any purchase of 10 dollars or more.

I made a purchase for the store yesterday and the codes do work.

I went and saw Transformers last night with my wife and was pleasantly surprised. It was over the top and too long. It was loud and the only real thinking involved was making sure that you moved your eyes quickly enough to follow the action on the screen. It was a typical Michael Bay film. But, it was a typical film that had just enough nods to the original series that the fan boy in me could smile. The movie's action hits hard from the beginning and it doesn't stop until the end. But, it has some heart and fairly good pacing.

Additionally, it is one of the softer PG-13 rated films that I have seen in a long time. I think that the rating is correct without being one that pushes the R rating envelope. It is a good teenage film and great for the teens at heart crowd. If you don't feel like thinking and you want a trip back to memory lane for the times that you played with the Transformer toys or bought them for your children to play with, I would recommend Transformers. Film Review Rating: B-


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