You Never Know Who You Will Meet At Sugarless deLite

Before Dirk was here, long before Brad Davis made a Dallas appearance on the hardwood, there was a team called the Dallas Chaparrals. This team which was not known by many, was Dallas' team in the new ABA. Well, on Valentines Day this gentleman came into our store again. Around 2 years ago he came in wearing an ABA reunion shirt. He looked to be a player even though the gray in his hair said that it was many years ago. He stood around 6"7' and looked strong. Of course, I asked did he play in the ABA. Since the ABA disbanded in the mid- 70's, he was happy that I knew about the ABA. This man was an original Dallas Chaparral named Cincy Powell. He had a 10 year career in the ABA and averaged 16.3 points a game. Mr. Powell was a 2 time All Star and 2nd Team all ABA player.( By the way, he did not tell me any of his stats, of course I goggled them.)

Mr. Powells' career included years with Artus Gilmore and Dan Insel with Kentucky, with Zelmo Beaty with the Utah Stars and with the Virginia Squires and I think playing with Dr. J..

Let us not forget before there was today's American Airline Center,there was the Loews Field House and before Rolando,Derrick,Jason and more ....there were Dallas stars not on the gridiron but a few playing Basketball one named named Cincy Powell.

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