Leap Year day Savings are On at Sugarless deLite

Well, let's have some once every 4 year specials and celebrate Leap Year with a sale. The operative number here is  29. These sales are good on Wednesday,February 29 th only....

#1  All Cake Loaves that are normally $20 each are 2 for $29.99

#2  Buy a $40 Yogurt Card for $29.99

#3 Buy any Chocolite Bar for 2 for $2.99. Normally 2 for $3.98. Limit 10 total bars

#4 Buy up to 5 large yogurts for $2.99 each

#5 Buy one PB2 at $7.99 and get a second for $2.99 Limit 2 total jars 

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Butterscotch,  and White Chocolate Raspberry


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