Sugarless deLite Loves Ground Hogs Day !

Not all Ground Hogs are created equally, The one above is your normal North American Ground Hog. The one that is below is Sugarless deLite customer and movie guy from the film Ground Hog Day

                                                                  Stephen Tobolosky

So if you are celebrating Ground hogs day looking for your shadow , making a TV show for Showtime like our Sugarless deLite hero  Stephen Tobolosky or like Stephen B. our employee who is off today and it is his real birthday, you can come by for a 99 cent  medium yogurt today by merely telling us the name of one other Stephen Tobolosky role. Limit one. The link is above!

Today's Flavors
Chocolate,Vanilla Malt,German Chocolate Cake and Lemon.
Exiting flavors are German Chocolate and Lemon


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