You Have a GPS ? Read On......My Random Thoughts

As people criticize the Federal government for spending and want to cut back on everything.....Just a thought. I want to let you know that your phone GPS or car GPS unit has greater technologies than our Air Traffic Control System. When you board a plane did you know that the latest GPS technology is not there. Yes ! Good ole 1950's radar is keeping you safe in the sky. So as you drive to Sugarless deLite, remember your GSP is 60 years ahead of the safety that we have in flight. I bring this up because to my amazement, last week Congress finally pasted a bill to remove radar from our Air Traffic Control Towers and move to a GPS system. Safety  and freedoms are not free.

Western Bagels

Due to popular demand,Sugarless deLite is now stocking many varieties of Western Bagel. These are great for Weight Watchers,high protein, fiber and low calorie. Sugarless deLite flies them in every Thursday . This weeks selection will include Wheat,Onion,Blueberry and more. Bags cost $4.79. Enjoy.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Toffee Nut and Strawberry.


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