08 February 2012

Random Thoughts,Words ,Customers and Other Things

I have this older customer who calls for her orders on the phone around twice a year. She is not what you would describe as a pleasant person. She is gruff and a bully.She is also of the mind set that postage and UPS are free services.
I was away when she called and she abused one of my employees. The phone rang the first minute that I was back in the store and it was Ms. Gruff to complain about my great employee.

Even though I have bent over backwards for her on every occasion,Ms. Gruff told me how she had told all her friend "How rude this employee was !" I was shocked and asked her if she told any one of the numerous times that I provided her with "free" services that others did not get. There was silence on the phone. I re-asked my question and she said "No."

My point.......Some people will go in a business and have 100 good meals and then have a bad meal. Instead of telling the owner, they will tell all their friends of the one bad meal and never return. It seems that murders who find religion in prison get a better deal than the merchant that sells a bad chicken fried steak.

Words are power...Use them well
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