Grab a Sweater Today..It's Chilly

I know that it is not cold but compared to this past week ...Winter has arrived. We got hot cocoa and over 47 different coffee syrups to warm a cold night.

Superbowl Contest is On

Sunday is Super Bowl and it is time for the Sugarless deLite Super Bowl Contest!

Predict the final score of the game and the winning team and win a $25 Yogurt card.

Bonus-Predict the MVP of the game and correctly predict the score and winning team and the prize will double to a $50 yogurt card.

Enter by e-mail at or post at Facebook by 5pm Sunday,February 5th.

PB 2 This are In

The latest product from PB 2 are in at Sugarless deLite. It is the 100 calorie pack of their peanut butter cracker. Great for a low calorie and calorie controlled diet for great healthy snacking.
Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,Vanilla Malt,Devil's Food Cake and Banana

Blog Special

All Freezer large yogurts are on sale for $3.00 plus tax. Limit 5


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