Economic Recovery Is in Your Hands.....

  I spoke to a customer on Saturday, Great news!! After looking for a job, she had gotten a job  in her field after 2 years of hunting. It was great for her and good for Sugarless deLite. Small businesses like Sugarless deLite need more people to find jobs. More working people means for us more business. More hours for our employees to work and more money in their pockets and ours.
  People who talk "doom and gloom" hurt the economy and hurt small businesses like Sugarless deLite. Many of these billionaires consider small business companies to be places with under 2,500 employees. Well, my fellow Americans, real small businesses have less employees than you have fingers and toes. At Sugarless deLite we have me,one full time baker and 3 part time workers, we are a true small business. We need more positive attitude from the "talking head" because how we all feel about the future drives how we spend our money.

Join the revolution of change..Think BIG.....Be Positive on America and it's Economy
Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Pecan Pralline and Chocolate Cookie Dough.

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