Why Do We Have Meteorologists?

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, German Chocolate Cake, Orange Vanilla, and Lemon.

If you've stepped outside today, then you know that the weather never came to this area like they said it would. We are back on our regularly scheduled hours.

Today's Special: 50% off of the lowest marked price on the sale rack.

We did get the bagels in today. The bagels and pita have arrived! We have a fresh stock of all varieties of bagels (Blueberry, Sweet Wheat, Cinnamon, White, Onion, and Perfect 10) and both types of pita. (We did not get the English Muffins in this week.) Come in and get yours today! Great options for Weight Watchers®.

We also got in our newest items. We have two types of new BBQ sauces (Mild and Zesty & Warm and Zesty), one new hot sauce (Jalapeno), and a new grilling rub. We've got open samples of the three sauces, and I highly recommend trying any of the sauces. With five calories or less from each of the offerings, these are perfect zero point options for Weight Watchers®. Also, each one has one carb or less, so they work very well for low carb lifestyles as well.

Green Tip: Experiment with detergent to be sure you're using the right amount, as what the box calls for may be more than you need. (The scoop provided by manufacturers are also often bigger than necessary.) Your clothes won't be cleaner if you overdo it-in fact, the rinse cycle may not get all the residue out, so all you'll be doing is putting extra detergent into the water waste system. [Brought to you by Page-a-Day calendar.]

On a personal note, I would also recommend switching to a greener laundry detergent. The one that we use at home is from Costco which gives us the advantage of a bulk price and a greener detergent. Here are a couple of other sites: Seventh Generation and Ecover.

After closing the store early last night, I quickly came to discover that the weather reports were once again inaccurate. I really shouldn't be surprised at this, but I still am. I guess that we just weren't in the right part of Texas to get the 3 to 5 inches that they had predicted earlier in the day on Thursday. This is why I ignore the weather on a day to day basis.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Rachel Hannah Weisz. Ms. Weisz is an Academy Award winning actress from London, England. She won her Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress roll in The Constant Gardener. She is better known for some of her bigger budget rolls in the Mummy movie series and other films such as Enemy at the Gates and About a Boy. Her upcoming film is My Blueberry Nights.


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