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It's funny how much we take for granted. The little things in life that make everyday tasks easier really aren't appreciated until they are no longer there. This thought occurred to me last night as I was doing data entry on a computer with a 15 inch CRT monitor and a mouse with no wheel for scrolling. While the monitor was a bit more of a flashback than an annoyance, the mouse was just this side of slam it on the desk frustrating.

I can't really recall the last time that I worked on a computer that did not have a mouse without the ability to scroll, but I would be willing to bet that it was in the high school computer lab on the old Mac II. I don't think that the work took too much additional time because of this lacking function, but it sure was a pain. The funny thing to me is that the main part of my frustration came from the fact that I was not used to doing these things without my handy short cut.

We do become creatures of habit. When things change on us, we don't like it. Some of us don't like changes whether they are big or small. Others of us are OK with bigger changes as long as the little things remain constant. Those changes, big or small, can range on a scale from an annoyance to a major burden. The good news is that on of the great strengths that God endowed the human race with is the ability to adapt. So while some changes might seem overwhelming, we can persevere with a dose of patience, hard work, a step back, a deep breath, and a good, willing attitude.

And so, with these things in mind, I was able to overcome the lack of a wheel on the mouse and push through with some crazy data entry fun.

Puzzler Answer: The order of the books is: 546132. TI must come first, since nothing can precede it, and AR must come last, since nothing can follow it. NU must be preceded by ME, and followed by DE. That forces the order.


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