26 March 2008

Key Item

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Caramel, Banana Macadamia Nut, and Peach.

Chocolate Special: Ask us for our chocolate special today and get any of our three almond barks (milk, white, or dark) for only $14.99 per pound (limit 2 pounds). That's 10 dollars off the regular price!

The Galaxy Granola has finally arrived. We have both the Cinnamon and Vanilla varieties available. This is a great 2 Point granola for Weight Watchers®. And, it is 2 Points for 1/2 of a cup instead of a tiny 1/4 cup serving.

Upon getting ready to walk out the door to work this morning, I made the horrifying discovery that my keys were not where I normally leave them. I've got two places in the apartment that I keep my keys. One place is the counter in the kitchen and the other is on the bookshelf in the living room. I realized early on that the keys would not be a quick find.

Setting in for the hard search, I went out to the car to make sure that they weren't in there. I moved on to the kitchen counters, the bathroom, the upstairs bedroom, the downstairs bedroom closet, behind the couch, behind the side table, under the desk, and so forth. I even checked my coat pockets despite the fact that I knew I didn't wear a coat yesterday.

Right at the point that I was willing to admit that I had lost my mind, I went back to give the counters one more go. There they were just a foot from the counter space where I might normally put them. Hidden underneath a shipping invoice that I had looked under once before. The moral to the story is to always fully lift stray papers or to get a really big key chain that takes up a lot more space than mine.

Quiz Day: What Kind of Thinker Are You?

Your Thinking is Abstract and Sequential

You like to do research and collect lots of information.
The more facts you have, the easier it is for you to learn.

You need to figure things out for yourself and consider all possibilities.
You tend to become an expert in the subjects that you study.

It's difficult for you to work with people who know less than you do.
You aren't a very patient teacher, and you don't like convincing people that you're right.

Bonus Poll: Which Is Worse To Lose?


Traivor said...

Your Thinking is Concrete and Random

You are naturally inquisitive and curious.
You're excited by new ideas, and you are a true independent thinker.

You are interested in what is possible. You like the process of discovery.
You are often experimenting, challenging old ideas, and inventing new concepts.

Rules, restrictions, and limit don't really work for you.
You have to do things your own way, and you can't be bothered to explain yourself.

sealegs said...

Your Thinking is Concrete and Sequential

You are precise, orderly, and realistic.
You tend to get to the point and get things done.

Difficult, detailed work is easy for you. You take things step by step.
Time limits aren't a problem for you either. You work well with deadlines.

What does drive you crazy is any sort of task that isn't precisely laid out.
You don't like anything to be ambiguous. You prefer to deal with the facts at hand.

UnrulyDuckling said...

Your Thinking is Abstract and Random

You are flexible, adaptable, and creative.
There's many ways that you can learn - and you're up for any of them.

You relate well to other people, and you do well working in groups.
You can help people communicate together and work with each other's strengths.

You don't work well with people who are competitive or adversarial.
You prefer to work toward a common goal... not toward conflicting goals.

Steph said...

I'm the same as duckling. :)

SerenitySprings said...

Sealegs is me.