Gimmie 5

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butter Brickle, Chocolate Raspberry, Banana Cheesecake, and Boysenberry.

Brownie Special! Buy two brownies and get them for 5 dollars. (Limit 4 brownies, must buy two at a time.)

The bagels, pita, and English Muffins have arrived! We have a fresh stock of all varieties of bagels (Blueberry, Sweet Wheat, Cinnamon, White, Onion, and Perfect 10), both types of pita, and the English Muffins. Come in and get yours today! Great options for Weight Watchers®.

In the news today, there is a story about the newest entry to our monetary supply. Get ready to start seeing the new, more colorful 5 dollar bill. That's right, Old Abe is getting a bit of color. It seems that the theme of this one is the color purple. And the changes will keep on coming. Next year, we will get a new version of the hundred dollar bill. I'm hoping for pink or canary yellow on this one.

Here is one final note about A Wrinkle in Time. It is a small passage that offers a brilliant metaphor. (One of these days, I will find out how to tab in Blogger so that I don't have to space everything out during conversations.)

"Kindly pay me the courtesy of listening to me." Mrs. Whatsit's voice was stern, and for a moment Calvin stopped pawing the ground like a nervous colt. "It is a very strict form of poetry, is it not?"


"There are fourteen lines, I believe, all in iambic pentameter. That's a very strict rhythm or meter, yes?"

"Yes." Calvin nodded.

"And each line has to end with a rigid rhyme pattern. And if the poet does not do it exactly this way, it is not a sonnet, is it?"


"But within this strict form the poet has complete freedom to say whatever he wants, doesn't he?"

"Yes." Calvin nodded again.

"So," Mrs. Whatsit said.

"So what?"

"Oh, do not be stupid, boy!" Mrs. Whatsit scolded. "You know perfectly well what I am driving at!"

"You mean you're comparing our lives to a sonnet? A strict form, but freedom within it?"

"Yes." Mrs. Whatsit said. "You're given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. What you say is completely up to you."

Thursday Comic: (click to enlarge)


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