Giant Letdown

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Yesterday saw two upsets in the NFL playoffs. The Chargers knocking out the Colts might be the more impressive of the two, but the Cowboys loss to the Giants is definitely the more disappointing loss. The Cowboys lost by not doing the simple things like catching the ball. While I would certainly give the Giants defense credit, I can't help but think of the number of missed opportunities that the Cowboys had during the second half of the game.

Of course, this morning begins the season of discontent with the papers already questioning who should stay and who should go. Unfortunately, regardless of what happens during the off season, the fact will remain that the 13 and 3 Division winning Cowboys didn't get it done. This town is a better place when they win. I would have loved to have seen a second match up between Green Bay and the Boys. I guess I'll wait until the next regular season rolls around. :( Thankfully, pitchers and catchers report in about 30 days. :)


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