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The white elephant party proved to be successful this weekend. Though we had to resort to a little spousal trickery, we ended up getting two good gifts. Thanks to Erica, I was able to acquire a new beard trimmer which will come in handy. I'm starting to like the party after Christmas.

Unfortunately, the trip to Trinity Hall was not a successful trivia outing. While we didn't come in last, we weren't anywhere near the top. I'm still convinced that there are some cheaters in the hall. For the record, last night one of the questions was impossible to answer correctly.

Original question: This 1982 inductee to the MLB Hall of Fame was featured on a Wheaties box in 2002, fifty-five years after winning the National League MVP. Answer given last night: Hank Aaron. However, there is no correct answer to this question in its current form. The correctly stated question would have to read forty-five instead of fifty-five. Not that the trivia master cared, but I did point out to him that it was impossible for Hank Aaron to have won the NL MVP in 1947 since that was the first year that the color barrier was broken in baseball.

Monday Addition: I've signed up for the extra calendar from Page-a-Day. I went with Brain Puzzlers. I figured it was a good way for everyone to get there week started. Here is the first installment.


These figures of speech were translated by computer to another language, then back into English, with surprising results. What were the original figures of speech?

At the fall of a cap.
March your better leg forward.
Joins when the foundation.
The excess mile goes.


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