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My wife and I ventured to the House of Blues last evening to watch Eisley in concert. It was the first time that I have been to the HOB. Having been to both of the new Dallas concert venues, the Palladium and the HOB, I give the nod to the HOB as the better of the two. Set up in a grand theater style, the HOB helps to bring you into the show. The floor seating was a nice change of pace, but I am sure that would depend on the style of music and the age of the ticket holder. (Old folks like me don't mind sitting down.) One big bonus for the HOB is the fact that you can avoid using Ticketmaster by purchasing the tickets at the box office. (Great Savings!)

Review: The concert itself was very enjoyable. The acoustic sets allowed for an intimate evening with the two performing bands. The opening band, Wesley Jensen, held a nice surprise. Aside from being a good band in their own right, they had the youngest DuPree sister join them on stage and sing on their final three songs. While she was clearly a bit nervous, her voice was outstanding. It is amazing to think that she is not in Eisley because she can clearly hold her own with her sisters.

When Eisley took the stage, they received a warm home town welcome. Since they are based out of Tyler, Dallas is their adopted home and a lot of their family and friends were at the show. The band is comprised of three sisters, one brother and one male cousin and the family chemistry shows with a cohesive band on-stage during the performance of their songs and playful family banter between. Since we last saw Eisley in concert two years ago, they have grown and now have a much stronger stage presence.

They played a nice mix of their new material from their album, Combinations, that was released yesterday and the first album. In a one song encore, they played one of their oldest songs off their first EP which was great for the long term fans such as me. The crowd was very receptive and could be heard singing along to several of the older songs. The performance of Invasion, which is the first single off the new album, showed that Eisley can be a force to be reckoned with even in an acoustic setting. Overall: B+

*If you want to check out Eisley, they will be performing Invasion on the Conan O'Brian show on August 30th.

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