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Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Caramel Fudge, Toffee Coffee, Very Berry and Banana Macadamia Nut.

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I consider myself to be decently green. That is to say that I am conscientious about my choices in the type of car that I drive and the things that I shop for at the grocery store. I also use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in the house. I've been using them for the last four years in the home. If you are not currently using them in your home, I would encourage you to use them and start enjoying the savings on your energy bill.

In those years, I've only had one bulb that I've had to throw away. Little did I know that CFLs contain a small amount, approximately 5 mg, of mercury and should therefore always be recycled and never thrown out in the household trash. I was amazed to read this in the Green Mountain Energy newsletter.

Recycling Locations

One little extra tidbit about CFLs: If every U.S. household replaced the incandescent lighting in their five most frequently used fixtures with CFLs, the nation would save the electricity equivalent of shutting down 21 power plants.

Friday in the News: In 2004, it was reported that there is something that we absolutely must have to lose weight or keep our weight down: Sleep. Several studies reported that big, healthy portions of sleep are a key element in efficient metabolism, appetite control, and muscle-to-fat ratios. (This story brought to you by the WWDTM daily calendar.)

Happy Birthday Wishes to Jeffrey Nero Hardy. Jeff Hardy is a professional wrestler and is the second half of the Hardy Boyz tag team. Back when I watched wrestling in the late years of the last century and early years of this one, the Hardy Boys were one of my favorite teams. Yes, I know that wrestling is fake and little more than a male centric soap opera; however, the things that Jeff and his brother did during their matches were as athletic as they were insane. I was almost always assured an oh my goodness moment during each match trying to figure out how they avoided death while jumping 20 feet from cages and ladders onto chairs or tables or floors while twisting and turning all the way down. Want a free mini (4 oz) yogurt? Tell us the name of Jeff Hardy's home state.

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Eddie Chu said…
If everyone in the U.S. switched to those CFL light bulbs, it'd be like taking millions of cars off the road.

In case that inspires anyone, we've got all shapes and sizes of CFL light bulbs on my website,

Best regards,
Eddie Chu
Founder, GreenLights


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