28 February 2007

Three the Hard Way

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate Banana, Orange Vanilla and Very Berry.

Today is Cone Day! All cones are $1.85 all day (regularly $2.72). Apparently, I was looking at the wrong calendar yesterday when I posted cone day.

Today started off with a three hour doctor’s visit. What a way to start the day. Of course any reader of this blog would know of my dislike of the doctor; however, after several days of soreness in the back and a troubled night sleeping, I figured it would be a good idea to get it checked out since I am going to have a busy weekend. Thankfully, two hours of waiting to see the doctor and one hour of additional waiting with a little bit of X-Rays ended with the doctor telling me that it was just a minor sprain and sending me on my way with a script for stronger than aspirin pain relief.

We’re coming down to the wire on the wedding. Tonight, I am getting my haircut and putting some finishing touches on the apartment and tomorrow we are going to dinner with my family. After that, we have the rehearsal and then the wedding on Saturday. It’s hard to believe that after waiting so long, it is almost here. :)

Thank goodness that you can get both great tasting and good for you at Sugarless deLite.

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