13 February 2007

Chilled but not Shaken

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Caramel, Cappuccino, Marshmallow and Pumpkin.

Today, all teachers can get a small yogurt for only 99 cents. Show your teacher ID to receive your discounted yogurt (limit one per person).

We have received our shipment of Walden Farms. We now have all variety (including the Caramel dip) back in stock. We also have a new Basil flavored variety of the Carbo-Nada pasta and several new varieties of cake mixes.

It's here! The crazy two day stretch of the Valentine's Day holiday. It's funny sometimes to think that we have been preparing for this holiday for the last month and it will all be over in the course of the next few days. The great thing about the store is that we are always busy with one holiday or another from October to June. So after Valentines is finished, we will move right on to Easter.

Quiz Day: Would You Choose Love or Money?

You Would Choose Love

Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love.
You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet.
And while many people may claim they would choose love too...
You're one of the few who would really do it.


Traivor said...

***You Would Choose Money***

You know that love doesn't always last forever - but money can.
Why bother with jealousy, petty fights, and hurt feelings?
You rather just go shopping!
And while marrying for money may be lonely, you'll always be well dressed, well traveled, and well fed.

SerenitySprings said...

***You Would Choose Love***