26 February 2007

The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

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It is amazing how one little thing can ruin an otherwise perfect day. Yesterday, some one decided to not pay attention while they were driving and run a red light into my car. Here's the good news: It appears that no one was seriously hurt and my car seems to have minor damage. The bad news is that I know that, even though this is an open and shut case on who was at fault (thankfully, I have a witness), this will be a bit of a hassle. With 5 days to go until the wedding, I would rather not have to deal with this.

On the other hand, at least I was able to react quickly enough to the oncoming blur of a car to hit my brakes, turn my car away and lay on the horn. (Thank you 20 plus years of video games for the training.) Without these actions, there would have been a T-bone scene in the middle of Frankford at Pear Ridge because the other driver was blissfully unaware of the cars stopped on either side of them or my white car coming into the intersection on my green light.

With a stiff back and bruised elbow, I feel fairly fortunate. This one could have been a lot worse. Besides, it makes me all the more thankful for what I have and what I will gain this weekend. So despite the upcoming hassle with insurance company, the rest of the week looks promising with a minor list of things to accomplish and much joy to share.

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